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Posted on: February 26, 2021

Construction Improvements for the Allen Road and Van Horn Road project

February 24, 2021 

Dear Residents and Property Owners: 

Construction improvements for the Allen Road and Van Horn Road project located in the cities of Trenton and Woodhaven is scheduled to restart 2021 construction work March 1, 2021 starting with water main and storm sewer as well as bridge work mainly along Van Horn Road. The project will be constructed under partial closure with posted detour route. During construction, WB traffic will be permitted on Van Horn Rd through approximately 500 feet west of Allen Road intersection. EB Van Horn traffic will utilize detour posting at Van Horn and Ford Lane. No turns will be allowed at the intersection of Allen Road and Van Horn Road. The northbound and southbound Allen traffic will not be permitted through the intersection of Allen and Van Horn Rds. A full closure will be maintained in both north and south direction along Allen road. 

This phase of the project consists of reconstruction of Van Horn Road which includes demolition and construction of a new bridge over Marsh Creek along with other related items of improvements.  The bridge work will involve piling operations. All project work, except for Wet Turf Establishment and Monitoring, shall be completed in fall 2021 barring any unforeseen delays or inclement weather.  

This project was designed using applicable federal, state, and county guidelines.  Pursuant to these guidelines, this office is tasked with bringing the Right-of-Way (R.O.W.) up to current standards. These standards may include the removal of boulders, trees, railroad ties, retaining walls, etc. that are determined to be obstructions within the roadway clear zone, as these objects may present safety hazards to the motoring public.  

Property owners are asked to identify and clearly stake the locations of sprinkler systems (heads, valves, and underground lines) or any other underground utilities that are not part of the MISS DIG program.  Please have the sprinkler systems identified by Monday, March 1st.  After this date the working condition of all identified sprinkler systems will be verified. Sprinkler systems damaged during the road construction will NOT be replaced as a part of this project.  Damage to any sprinkler systems placed without a Wayne County permit will not be addressed.  Please notify this office of staked sprinkler systems at the phone number listed below. 

Questions concerning the project may be addressed at the on-site construction office or by calling the Wayne County Field Engineering Division at either (734) 858-1865. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Christopher Onolemhemhen, P.E. 

Project Engineer 


33809 MICHIGAN AVENUE • WAYNE, MICHIGAN  48184 • (734) 595-6504 EXT 2058 • FAX (734) 595-8627 


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