Investigations Division


The Investigations Division works to apprehend, investigate, and prosecute criminal offenders, locate missing or wanted persons, recover stolen property, interrogate suspects and witnesses, conduct criminal surveillance, and coordinate crime prevention programs. The investigations division is tasked with investigating and enforcing violations of liquor laws as well as ensuring compliance with liquor and tobacco laws. This division is also responsible for overseeing the School Resource Officer (SRO) program. 


The School Resource Officer is a sworn police officer who is assigned to work with the Trenton Public Schools administration, teachers, and staff to provide a safe and secure learning environment. The SRO is responsible to train and educate the students, staff, and faculty on active violence response and prevention. The SRO investigates incidents that occur on school grounds or incidents involving juveniles anywhere in the community, juvenile delinquency, and all issues related to truancy.

  1. Frank Cavazos

    Detective Sergeant

  2. Mark Driscoll

    Detective Sergeant

  3. Jake Fields


  4. Sean Szczepaniak

    Corporal (SRO)