Police Ordinances

An ordinance is a law, rule or regulation that Council passes and becomes a local law. Some ordinances are "codified", which means they are part of a set of codes, like zoning codes, motor vehicle codes, tax codes, etc.

Please note that there may be a time lapse between a change in a city ordinance and when the changes are reflected on this site. Please contact the Clerk’s Office at 734-675-8600 for the most recent ordinance or to verify that the ordinance listed on this site has been updated.

The City of Trenton contracts with Municipal Code Corporation, or municode.com to maintain its code of ordinances. Please click on the link below to go to Trenton’s Municode Site.


Selected Ordinances

The following ordinances are some of the most common ordinances handled by the Police Department. The ordinances listed below through MuniCode may not necessarily reflect newly adopted ordinances or amended ordinances.

Curfew Ordinance
Fireworks Ordinance
House Party Ordinance
Special Events Ordinance