Civic Commission

Purpose and Composition

An advisory commission to coordinate and review all requests for civic events occurring within the City, such as the Christmas Parade, Memorial Day Parade, Bi-annual City-Wide Garage Sales, Easter Egg Hunt, City Awards Banquet, and organizational fund-raisers.

  • 12 Members
  • Members must be City of Trenton Residents
  • 3 Year Term
  1. Member List
  2. Meeting Dates & Location
  3.  Minutes


Term Expires

Joseph Oaks, Chairperson
Peggy Eaton, Co-Chairperson
Lisa Salcedo, Secretary2025
Veronica Carrier 
Annie Fallon2024
Carrie Harvell2025
Brenda Oaks2023
Ganesa Wegienka2025
Norbert Wegienka2025

3 Vacancies