Downtown Development Authority

Purpose and Composition

The Downtown Development Authority is responsible for the formulation and implementation of the Tax Increment Financing and Downtown Development Plan.  General responsibilities include the planning and initiation of public improvements within the Downtown District in order to promote economic redevelopment and revitalization of privately owned properties.

Central Business District

The central business district is a key component of Trenton’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) district, which includes more than 120 businesses along Jefferson, West Road and Fort Street.

Revitalizing Downtown

The DDA, formed in 1997, has been working in conjunction with the city government and the business community to revitalize Downtown for the 21st century. We are in the midst of an exciting growth phase that has included new business and residential development as well as comprehensive infrastructure improvements.

With many people just starting to realize the vast potential of our Downtown, we think the best is yet to come!

DDA By Laws

  • 11 Members
  • Members must be City of Trenton Residents
  • 3 Year Term
  1. Member List
  2. Meeting Dates & Location


Term Expires

Steven Rzeppa
Rina Belanger
Kathy Kane
Mark Nestor
Mark Angellotti
Justin Gaffrey
Christina McNally
Marlana Nacewicz
Christopher Liphardt