Current Project Information

Sanitary Sewer O&M Cleaning and Televising

This is an annual program to clean and evaluate the existing conditions of the sanitary sewer system throughout the city. Approximately one-fifth of the city will be cleaned each year, which means the entire city will be cleaned and televised every five years. This program is designed to safe-guard private property and public health while ensuring that sanitary sewer service remains uninterrupted.

During the cleaning of the sewer, you may hear the air rushing through your homes venting system; this is normal. In the rear case that your homes venting system is not properly functioning, some water may be discharged through the water fixtures or drain.

If you smell sewer gases, pour diluted bleach down your trapped drains as the cleaning action may have removed water from the traps. If after pouring water down all of your drains the gas smell does not go away, call Engineering at 675-8251.

Concrete Repair Program

This is an annual program to replace damaged streets and sidewalks. The City of Trenton does not replace driveway approaches unless the damage to the approach was caused by the city utilities or city related work. All concrete is inventoried on a yearly basis to determine areas needing replacement. Paint marks on the concrete indicate areas to be replaced. If there is concrete marked in front of your driveway, you may not be able to access your drive for seven days once the concrete has been removed. If this is the case, the contractor will deliver a notice letting you know when this concrete will be replaced.