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City Clerk's Office

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8:30AM to 5:00PM, M-F

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Patricia M. Gearhart
City Clerk
Patricia M. Gearhart

Patricia (Trish) Gearhart,
City Clerk, City of Trenton

Trish (Teifer) Gearhart is a lifetime Trenton resident and a member of one of the founding families of the City of Trenton, dating back to the 1800's. She's worked in the City Clerk's office since 1991.She was appointed Deputy Clerk in 1995, where she served in that capacity until being elected as the City Clerk in November 2011. She is a Certified Municipal Clerk. A member of the Wayne County Clerk's Association, the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks and the International Institute of Municipal Clerks. She is a Notary Public. She is also secretary to the Trenton Goodfellows Organization.



The new eGovernance features can be accessed via the organization's Web site at

eGovernance Solution Enables Organization to
Save Time, Money and Increase Governing Body Effectiveness

The City of Trenton is leveraging the power of the Internet to radically improve the governance process while saving time, taxpayer dollars and the environment. This new eGovernance initiative will replace the old and costly method of compiling, printing, binding and distributing paper agenda packets by hand. The remarkably powerful, easy-to-use solution will enable the organization to maximize the effectiveness of their board meetings with increased transparency, providing a basis for better and more open communication with the public, while dramatically increasing productivity and saving thousands of dollars annually.

The paperless meeting solution, called BoardDocs® LT, is a 100% Web-based service that includes many features from our industry-leading BoardDocs Pro solution. By making meeting agendas and supporting documents available on the Internet, The City of Trenton City Clerk's Office will be able distribute documents associated with board meetings more quickly and efficiently, at a dramatically reduced cost to the organization.

Electronic distribution will not only save time and resources, but it will also provide unprecedented public access via the City of Trenton's Web site to agenda items and other governing body-related information. This process will allow interested parties to review information prior to board meetings. All documents associated with the meeting are automatically archived and can be accessed by meeting date or by using the system's comprehensive search feature.

Additionally, BoardDocs LT will increase the amount of time members of the governing body have to review agenda information, enabling them to better prepare for meetings. Under the old paper system, the meeting packet could not be distributed until every document had been prepared, submitted and approved. Once all the documents were submitted, staff members would typically spend two days assembling the documents into packets before distributing them to the governing body. Through the MetaSearch feature, members of the governing body will also have access to best practices from other governing bodies that are using the system, allowing them to gain important knowledge about initiatives other governing bodies have considered and implemented.

The new eGovernance features can be accessed via the organization's Web site at or directly at

BoardDocs uses a structured, collaborative workflow that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs and legal requirements of public school boards, county commissions, municipal governments and a wide variety of other types of governing bodies.

For more information about BoardDocs LT or the full-featured BoardDocs Pro solution, call (800) 407-0141 or visit to experience the premier paperless governance solution firsthand.


Our Mission

The mission of the Clerk's Office is to provide accurate and courteous service to our citizens and our visitors.
As official Keeper of the Records for the City, the Clerk's Office provides clerical service to the City Council both in the preparation of it's agendas and taking minutes of it's meetings. All original minutes of the Council are kept and archived.

All birth and death certificates occurring in the City of Trenton are kept and certified copies are made available to those individuals eligible to purchase them. License's such as dog and cat, mechanical amusement devices, peddler's, transient merchant, ice cream truck and massage licenses are issued in the Clerk's Office along with filing of all petitions, lawsuits, subpoenas, and Freedom of Information requests.

The Clerk's Office conducts all elections in accordance with State and Federal law. The Clerk also administers the Oath of Office to all City Officials, Police Officer's, Board and Commissioner Members. The City Clerk's Office also provides a notary service (some fees may apply for Notary Services.)

Passport Information

Trenton Parks and Recreation will begin processing passports on April 2nd.

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