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Police Department


Non-Emergency Calls:  (734) 676-3737

Trenton Police Department BuildingPresently, the Trenton Police Department employs 30 sworn police officers, 9 civilian dispatchers, and 3 civilian employees. The Trenton Police Department recognizes that community involvement in law enforcement efforts will undoubtedly make an impact on the war on crime. Crime prevention programs such as neighborhood watch groups emphasize citizen awareness for self-protection and the necessity to be the eyes and ears for the police department. By working together, Trenton will be a better place to live in both the residential and business community. The police department is responsible for the prevention of crime, the preservation of public peace and order, the protection of persons and property, the enforcement of the laws of the State, ordinances of the City, and the apprehension of offenders. In order to accomplish these responsibilities, the department consists of three principal divisions: Uniform Division (Road Patrol), Traffic Division and Youth & Investigation Division.


The Uniform Division is the largest and most visible arm of the department. They are uniformed and considered the backbone of the department. Officers assigned to the division are the first responders to all incidents and are responsible for a wide variety of law enforcement functions including the enforcement of all traffic and criminal laws. Investigations for the most part are initiated in this division and then passed on to other divisions for follow-up.


This division is responsible for accident investigations, traffic enforcement and parking control. It is also responsible for traffic related services such as development and presentation of safety education programs, traffic engineering, traffic studies and school crossing guard programs.
Traffic & Safety Phone: (734) 676-4230


This division is responsible for the investigations of criminal offenses; the detection, arrest, processing and prosecution of criminals; locating missing or wanted persons; recovery of stolen property; interrogation of suspects; and incidents of misbehavior involving juveniles. Surveillance, crime prevention programs and school liaison duties and programs such as D.A.R.E. are also performed from within this division.
Youth & Investigation Phone: (734) 676-3821Police Vehicle Hemi


The Trenton Police Department is a member of the Downriver Mutual Aid Task Force. The D.M.A.T.F. is composed of 17 Departments to provide manpower and assistance to each other in emergency situations. The Trenton Police Department also participates in Immigration & Customs Enforcement Team (I.C.E.), Crisis Negotiation Team, S.W.A.T. and Dive Team units that operate in the Downriver Mutual Aid Consortium (DRMATF) area.


New facility: 21860 Van Horn, Woodhaven
The Animal Control Officer supplements the Trenton Police Department. In an effort to reduce cost associated with animal control in our community, the City of Trenton and the City of Woodhaven entered into a contractual agreement for the handling of animals. The cities are committed to providing animal control services in a humane and professional manner.
Animal Control Phone: (734) 675-4956


Dept. Contacts

  • Director of Police and Fire Services
    Steven Voss
    Phone: (734) 676-7095
  • Chief of Police
    Todd Scheffler
    Phone: (734) 676-7095
  • Administrative Secretary
    Amy Gilstorf
    Phone: (734) 676-7095
  • Operations
    Lieutenant Rick Tanguay
    Phone: (734) 676-4230
  • Detective Bureau
    D/Ptl Nathan Pew
    Phone: (734) 493-3865
  • Detective Bureau
    D/Sgt. Tim Fox
    Phone: (734) 493-3866
  • Detective Bureau
    D/Sgt Tom Durbin
    Phone: (734) 493-3864
  • Platoon Lieutenant
    Mike Oakley
    Phone: (734) 676-3737
  • Platoon Lieutenant
    Don Ward
    Phone: (734) 676-3737
  • Platoon Lieutenant
    Brad Falkey
    Phone: (734) 676-3737
  • Platoon Lieutenant
    Mike Hawkins
    Phone: (734) 676-3737