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Emergency Management Coordinator



(734) 676-3737 (Police Dispatch)
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8:30AM to 5:00PM, M-F
Phone: (734) 675-6500
Fax: (734) 675-4088

Portrait of Paul L. Haley
Emergency Management

Paul L. Haley


Emergency Management


Emergency Management Coordinator: Paul Haley
Auxiliary Police Chief: Ken Naysmith

Our Mission:

Provide an organized, coordinated response in the event of an emergency situation or disaster. Identify departments and local agencies responsibilities and tasks to save lives, reduce casualties, and minimize property damage.

Concept of Operations:

Potential natural and technological hazards exist in the City of Trenton, The OCD is tasked with providing a plan to respond to any of these hazards. The current Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) defines the tasks and responsibilities of each city department. The plan also contains the escalation procedures for requesting assistance from Wayne County, the State of Michigan and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. An Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is located in the basement of the Municipal Building, 2872 West Jefferson. It is capable of coordinating and directing the city's emergency response efforts. It is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Wayne County's Emergency Management Department is under the direction of the County Executive and located at Metropolitan Airport. The State of Michigan's Emergency Management Division of the Michigan State Police is under the direction of the Governor and our direct liaison with the Emergency Management Coordinator located at the Oak Park Post. Annual exercises test the plan, the center, and the communications between the city, county and state organizations.

Severe Weather Sirens are located throughout the city. Testing is scheduled for noon on the first Saturday of the month.

Available Resources:

  • Meetings on Emergency management topics
  • Hazardous Material data (through Wayne County Local Emergency Planning Committee)
  • Site Emergency Planning Workbook (free state publication) FEMA and state manuals and workbooks (various topics)