Trenton City Hall: 2800 Third St. Trenton, MI 48183 | Phone: (734) 675-6500 Fax: (734) 675-4088


Department of Public Works

The Trenton Department of Public Works is responsible for maintaining city water, sewers, sanitation, roads, and trees. We maintain all city buildings, parks, vehicles, and Bloomdale Cemetery. We also assist with special events throughout the City.


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 7:30 - 4:00                        (closed from 12-1 for lunch)

1431 West Rd, Trenton, MI 48183

Phone: 734-675-8470

Fax: 734-675-8688

Special Pick-up Message Line:

After hours emergencies:
734-676-3737 (Police Department)

Final water readings: 734-675-6510


Transfer Station Hours:

Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday
9:00AM - 4:00PM

1801 Van Horn, Trenton, MI 48183

(Located between Fort St. and West Jefferson, adjacent to the Wastewater Treatment Plant)

William Hogan
Director of Public Services
William Hogan


Department of Public Works News

Transfer Station Update:

The Transfer Station is closed until further notice.

Recycling Update:

Recycling drop-off for Trenton residents will be available at the Kennedy Recreation Center parking lot off West Road from 8AM to 4PM on Friday, June 5 and Saturday, June 6. This is for recyclable items only, no trash.

Recycling Guidelines

New Fees as of March 1, 2020:

An additional fee of $10 per item will be charged for each mattress and box springs taken to the Transfer Station or picked up for special pick-up.






Residential Curbside Trash/Yard Waste Collection

Each residence has been provided one brown 95-gallon trash cart. Carts are to remain at the residence. They are identified with a serial number that is kept on file.
Put your cart out no sooner than 7:00 PM the night before but no later than 7:00 AM of your scheduled
pick-up day. Items must fit in cart with the lid closed.
The City is not responsible for lost or stolen carts.
Only city-issued carts will be picked up. If you have items that do not fit into the cart or are too heavy, you need to arrange for a special pick-up.
Yard waste and household hazardous wastes may not be placed in trash carts.
Yard waste cart collection begins in mid-April and continues through early December, depending on the weather. The week of December 16 will be the last week for pick-up in 2019. Yard waste may not be placed in your regular trash cart. It must be placed in a yard waste cart or taken to the Transfer Station (at no charge).
You may also call for a brush pick-up.
To accommodate extra garbage around the holidays, you may use your yard waste cart for trash the weeks after Christmas and New Year's Day.
Christmas Trees will be picked up in front of your house for a few weeks following Christmas. No need to call to schedule.
Additional carts can be purchased at the Treasurer's Office at City Hall for $75.00
Cash, checks, and credit cards (3% fee) are accepted. Trash Cart Order Form
Carts will be delivered to your home within a couple days.

Holiday Trash Collection Schedule

Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection Schedule 2019  Curbside leaf collection runs from mid-October until mid-December, depending on the weather. Every effort is made to follow the schedule, but weather conditions and equipment failures may alter it.
Rake leaves into street for pick-up, leaving catch basins uncovered.
Please keep vehicles off the roads during your collection times.
*Leaves may also be placed in your yard waste cart or taken to the Transfer Station at no charge.

Street Sweeping

In order to maintain clean city streets, our goal is to send the sweeper to your neighborhood every other week on the day after your trash is collected as the City workload allows. In between cleanings, your cooperation is appreciated in helping to keep the area in front of your home neat and any catch basins unblocked.

City Trees

There are approximately 25,000 city trees in Trenton. We work hard to maintain them and are proud that we have been designated as a Tree City USA city for the past 32 years. If you need assistance with your tree, call our office. When a city tree is removed from your residence you may have the option to purchase a new one. You will receive an informational letter in the mail if you are eligible or you may call the office to be placed on the list. There is a nominal fee which partially covers the cost of the tree. New trees are planted in the late fall.

DTE Gas Meter Project

DTE will be in the City beginning in February 2020. The state requires a gas meter safety inspection every 36 months. Moving the natural gas meters to the outside of the home reduces the need for DTE to access homes for future meter maintenance, readings and safety inspections. It also allows DTE to quickly access the meter and turn off gas service in case of an emergency. This service is free and it only takes 2-3 hours to move the meter. Customers can make appointments to best suit their schedules. Some residents who are not having their meters moved may see crews digging on their property. This may happen when the gas main is located on the opposite side of the street. DTE Gas may need to dig along the easement across the street to access the gas main and tie-in the gas service for the new meter. Once DTE has completed work on an individual home, property will be temporarily restored. When all the gas meter work on a street is complete, DTE will permanently repair and/or restore all property that has been disrupted as weather allows. Call DTE at 313-294-3445 with any questions. Please take the time to review this information.

Gas Meter Move Out Infographic

DTE Safety and Reliability


Special Pick-ups

To schedule a special pick-up call 734-675-5496 to leave a message. Fees are listed below. Bills will be sent in the mail after your items are picked up.
***In an effort to keep the City clean, if we see something out at your curb, we will pick it up and you will be billed (even if you haven't called.)

*Regular Special Pick-up (for household trash) - Place items too large or heavy to be placed in trash carts on the city easement away from any overhead obstructions such as wires, trees, etc. Call to schedule. Special Pick-up Schedule
Fee: $20 per truckload (10-yard dump truck) for regular household items
Additional $25 fee for items containing freon. This covers the cost  to remove the freon and to have the item inspected. Additional $10 fee for each mattress and each box springs.
*Brush - Any brush too large to place in yard waste carts may be placed on the city easement for pick-up which is done citywide on Thursdays. Call to schedule.
Fee: $20 per truckload (10-yard dump truck)
*Loader Stops - Debris such as dirt, bricks, sod, loose leaves, and concrete that must be collected with a front-end loader will be picked up from the street in front of your home on Thursdays. Leaves are accepted at the Transfer Station, but NONE of the other items are. Call to schedule.
Fee: $50 per cubic yard

Transfer Station/Recycling Center

The Transfer Station is located at 1801 Van Horn Road and is available for Trenton residents who wish to dispose of residential trash or recycling. It is open Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Proof of residency is required. A fee of $5 for cars and $10 for trucks is charged to dispose of trash (cash only). An additional $25 fee will be charged for all items containing freon. This covers the removal of the freon and the inspection. An additional $10 fee will be charged for each mattress and each box springs.
Trenton business owners, apartment owners, and contractors may use the Transfer Station but will be charged $35 per cubic yard, with a minimum $75 charge.
Yard waste, commingled recycling, old batteries, scrap metal, and used motor oil are accepted at no charge.
Not accepted: tires, shingles, concrete, bricks, sod, household hazardous wastes

*Scrap lumber must be less than 6 feet long in order to fit in the dumpsters.

Recycling Guidelines

How Do I Dispose Of...?

Wayne County Household Hazardous Waste Events

Snow Removal Information

A snow emergency is in effect when a snowfall exceeds four inches. It is unlawful to have any trailer or vehicle on ANY public street prior to removal of snow by City plowing of public streets. The Trenton Police Department may ticket the owner of any vehicle left on the street. In addition, the vehicles may be removed from the street with the owner liable for towing and storage charges. Further, it is against State Statute 257.677a to plow, blow, or deposit snow from driveways and sidewalks into a public street. Cooperation by the residents will assure more effective and efficient snow removal and assure the public safety.





Dept. Contacts

  • Superintendent
    Kevin Sargent
    Phone: (734) 675-8470
  • Motor Vehicle and Facilities Supervisor
    Steve Moceri
    Phone: (734) 675-8470
  • Highways and Sanitation Supervisor
    Ed Weber
    Phone: (734) 675-8470
  • Water and Sewer Supervisor
    Ryan Bradd
    Phone: (734) 675-8470
  • Department Head Secretary
    Holly Krawczyk
    Phone: (734) 675-8470
  • Secretary
    Janice Pusino
    Phone: (734) 675-8470