Trenton City Hall: 2800 Third St. Trenton, MI 48183 | Phone: (734) 675-6500 Fax: (734) 675-4088

FAQ Display

*First-time Bill Pay users will need to create an account at before paying a balance or registering for an activity online.

If you have already created an account on our Maxgalaxy website, please CLICK HERE to login.

1. Once you have created an account, click "LOGIN" on the Maxgalaxy Website with the e-mail and password you chose when creating your account.

2. From the Maxgalaxy Website, click "My Account" from the top right corner of the page, click "Account Balance" (change the payment amount if necessary), click "Make Payment" then "Add to Cart".

3. Verify that all information is correct, including item description, balance and payment amount. If all is correct, click "Checkout".

4. Enter Cardholder Information then click "Continue".

5. Enter Credit Card Information then click "Process Transaction".


Dept. Contacts

  • Director
    Joann Gonyea, CPRP
    Phone: (734) 675-7300
  • Business Ops. Manager
    Tim Beaker
    Phone: (734) 675-7300
  • Facilities Ops. Coordinator
    Nick Taurence
    Phone: (734) 675-7300
  • Senior Citizen Coordinator
    Carol Garrison
    Phone: (734) 675-0063
  • Program Coordinator
    Hannah Wojtala
    Phone: (734) 675-7300
  • Administrative
    Melissa Pruitt
    Phone: (734) 675-7300
  • Assistant
    Kristy Olszewski
    Phone: (734) 675-7300